Start with Purpose

Change the game of startups and give back. We are driven by this. We help entrepreneurs and their investors break through at the most important decision points and make it work or change it until it does.


how we work

After leading both startups and billion-dollar businesses, we've made both right and wrong decisions and know the difference. We work with entrepreneurs and investors to make the right calls and are obsessed with growing the ecosystem.

We select our clients much like investors do and choose only a handful of companies that we believe in to work with each year, on both fee and equity based engagements.


42% of all startups fail because there's no market for what they created. Having purpose means clear market demand. Find the soul of the company and use it with singular focus.

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Our Services

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Anything you make must have an obvious market. As innovative as it is, at some point you must transact in your business. We help entrepreneurs and investors decide who their first transactors are, match offerings and pinpoint this group. We help convince those first buyers to engage. It's not just marketing or sales, it's the full on go-to-market.

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In the first years, decisions on how to grow the right way will be challenging. Meeting expectations of investors and making sure the company reaches the next stage of its development matter. It's all about delivering on promises. We focus on a max of 5 growth triggers and put a detailed plan (who does what and when) to each. From sales channels to business models, we help set up the "levers" that make growth happen.

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In our own careers we learned that an obsessive approach to talent management changes everything. Easy to say, hard to do. We help leadership teams bring on new talent, we advise them on the balance of skills needed in their teams and even participate in the interviewing and hiring decisions. Our value is experience and knowing when to go functional and when to go orthogonal. We directly advise both entrepreneurs and investors talent.

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Think partners first. Early in a company's growth, biz-dev opens doors and creates momentum like nothing else. We help young companies see what partners they need the most - and how to get them. Rise can, at times, use our network of 25 years in the industry to open doors, depending on the company we work with.

We Give Back

We focus on companies who give back to their industry or are designed around a cause. 10% of all profits of our work go to our foundation for education and wildlife.

That's OUR purpose.

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