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Rise was started by Joe Wilson in the Netherlands in 2018. After 5 startups spanning 15 years and 10+ years at Microsoft, Joe had not only led companies to exit, but had also built and run billion-dollar businesses on the world stage. Working directly in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Asia and the United States, he found a similarity across cultures for what makes some companies succeed and others fail. He became fascinated by this commonality and knew he had to work in that space.

Joe noticed that in so many cases, only a few key decisions determined their fate. After the experience of his own companies, thousands of talks with entrepreneurs, students and seasoned business veterans, he landed on a handful of items that carried the most weight in determining success.

The topics are a simple as they are difficult.

Some might call it an obsession but Joe sees it as a calling. Go to work to help more entrepreneurs and their investors succeed. Change the equation - there's room for more success now than there used to be, the markets are bigger, there's even more people on the planet. More companies can succeed than ever before and more of them can give back.

There are very few people who have operated successfully in both the startup and large scale corporate worlds. The balance of energy, ideas, network and structure that Joe has gained can help any startup who is open to it. Like many entrepreneurs, he is a "high creative" but he's learned the discipline, structure and approaches to turn that energy into results. He will inspire you.